Lezyne Caddy Sack Review

Every time I go out riding i always used to spend a good 10 minutes sorting the array of kit for my back pocket. I amazed myself at my ability to waste 1/2 an hour randomly looking for all the little nick knacks essential for a training ride;

Get a zip lock bag to put my phone in, grab some emergency money from my wallet, find my id card, credit card just in case, grab a spare inner tube from the garage, forget my tyre levers oh and spare contact lenses are always a must. Not being a fan of using saddle bags I’ve been looking for a different solution to keep all of these small items of kit organised.

All this changed when i decided to buy a Lezyne Caddy Sack, the subject of this review. On the face of it it is just a small waterproof bag made from tough plastic however it has made a big difference to my pre ride time wasting. It allows me to have all that kit in one little waterproof bag that fits perfectly in a cycling jersey back pocket.

Lezyne Caddy Review

Lezyne Caddy Review

In the Lezyne Caddy i permanently leave the following

  • 1 inner tube
  • 2 plastic tyre levers
  • 1 metal spanner/tyre lever (in case i’m riding my fixie – no quick release on the wheels!)
  • patch kit
  • chain tool
  • emergency money
  • phone sock (for extra protection for my iPhone)
  • ID card
  • credit card
  • emergency contact details

Whenever i head out for a ride i just grab the Lezyne, throw in my phone and keys and i’m good to go. It fits perfectly in the middle pocket on my cycling jerseys. In the left i keep my mini pump, and food in the right (if needed). Since using it I always know exactly where all my kit is and no longer have to hunt the house while eating breakfast or worry about forgetting the essentials.

Lezyne Caddy Review

While a zip lock bag does exactly the same thing as the Lezyne it’s just not the same. The Caddy is made from quite thick PVC which means it holds it shape really well minimizing bulging pockets which can annoy you when riding. While it may seem like yet another unnecessary purchase this little bag has made a big difference to my cycling.



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